Our Top 6 Recommended Travel Apps for Tourists - 2017 Edition



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Technology has made travelling significantly easier for your typical tourist. Below we suggest some of our favourite travelling apps. Some of these can save you time, some will even save you money and some are just downright a whole heap of fun. Definitely check these out before your next trip so you are sure to make the trip twice as good. 

1. Navmii


Price: 5 USD per map set

When navigating your way around the glove, Google Maps and maybe even Apple Maps can usually get the job done, but the problem that many often encounter is not having internet access. That is where Navmii is very useful. Navmii allows you to download map packs for the areas you know you will be in. That way, even if there is no signal, or if you run out of data, you can still access your maps and find your way around. 

Download Navmii or check out other offline mapping solutions.

2. Wineries.co.za (previously the Cape Wine Farms mobile app)


Price: FREE

There's no doubt that most Namibians have had a chance to visit the Western Cape. However, not everyone has experienced the amazing wineries found in the Cape and definitely not in the way that the Cape Wine Farms mobile app will let you experience it. With the Cape Wine Farms mobile app you can

  • Find nearby wineries
  • Win badges by checking in at wineries (and use the points you win to buy things on the Cape Wine Farms Online Store)
  • See all wine-related upcoming events
  • Enter competitions
  • ... and much much more!

There is just so much to this app that makes visiting wine farms a truly exciting experience every time. If you haven't download it yet, you can click here to download the Cape Wine Farms mobile app for free.

3. Untappd

UntappdPrice: FREE

What the Cape Wine Farms mobile app is for wine and wineries, that is what the Untappd app is for beer and breweries. You can find some of the best breweries and ultimately, the best beers, by installing this app and browsing til your hearts content.

The app also has a huge "fun factor" due to the various badges that you can win. Unfortunately, the badges don't result in rewards like it does with the Cape Wine Farms mobile app, but it's still loads of fun nevertheless. 

Click here to download the Untappd app.

4. AirBNB


Price: FREE to download, trip prices vary

Typical Namibian accommodation sites like Accommodation.com.na can offer decent accommodation options, but when it comes to real-time booking of well-priced and truly local options, fitted for all budgets, then AirBNB.com is the way to go. It's not ucommon to get far better treatment than even what you would expect from a hotel. Not to mention that AirBNB options are usually more affordable and the prices are very realistic as most hosts base their prices on the average in the area.

Click here to go to AirBNB.com and book your holiday accommodation now!

5. Uber


Uber is one of the easiest ways to get around in any country. The prices are usually good, or at least acceptable for the area you are in. It's also a great way to overcome a language barrier - the app tells the driver where he has to go so you don't have to.

Unfortunately Uber is not available in Namibia, which means you might have to look at these 5 other cool ways to ger around in Namibia. However, Uber is available in South Africa and many other countries

Click here to download the Uber app.

6. Google Translate

Google Translate

Price: FREE

The first time I saw someone hold up their phone, point it at text in another language that I could not understand and then have the phone turn that text into English right in front of my eyes, was nothing short of magical. It's amazing that for a 35 Megabyte download you can have an app in your pocket that lets you read anything in any country at any time. This app has helped me buy Milk and not cream in Sweden and it has explained numeours road signs to me in Thailand. It is beyond useful and I highly recommend it to anyone going to a country where the local language is not known to you.

Click here to use Google Translate online (you can also download the app).

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