15 Photos that show how awesome Namibia is


1. Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park

With over 110 mammal species, 340 bird species, 110 reptile species and 16 amphibian species, the Etosha National park is a fantastic place to see a wide variety of wildlife on one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world.

2. Joe's Beerhouse

Joes Beerhouse

There is no questioning the popularity of this bar slash restaurant, Joe's Beerhouse is the best. There is no restaurant more Namibian than Joe's and you'll always find a friendly atmosphere with great food. If you are in Windhoek, do not miss out on making a turn at Joe's, you will not be disappointed. Read more about Joe's Beerhouse here.

3. The Second Largest Canyon in the World (Fish River Canyon)

Fish River Canyon The Fish River Canyon is the second largest Canyon in the world, rivaling only the Grand Canyon in America. The Fish River Canyon offers a popular hiking trail visited by thousands of tourists every year. Read more about walking the trail here.

4. Quad-biking in Swakopmund (Dare Devil Adventures)

dare-devil-adventures It's the most fun you can have with four wheels on a dune. With a variety of options to suite everyone, you can really make it a trip for the whole family, or just for fun with friends. Checkout Dare Devil Adventures, who offer also offer breakfast runs and sun-downers.

5. Dylan's Music Bar and Late Night Pizza Place

Dylans Windhoek

Dylan's is pretty much the place that closest last in Windhoek and it's famous for it. Check out their Facebook page here. If you want to go their early for a good night, try Thursdays from 8PM. UPDATE: Dylan's has moved! :) The picture above is of the old Dylan's. We will write more information on the new Dylan's in the weeks to come.

6. Namibia's Historical Monuments monument

Namibia has a rich history with lots of interesting facts. Many of these monuments offer an interesting look into the history of Namibia. The monument shown in the image is called "Heroes Acre" and you can read more about it here.

7. The Christus Church in Windhoek Christus Church

8. Beach Parties @ Tiger Reef

Costa @ Tiger Reef Beach Bar

Without a doubt one of the hottest spots in Namibia, especially during the December holiday. Tiger Reef became especially popular as a hotspot for New Year's Eve parties after the ever so popular Amphi's Desert parties ended. You can find more info on Tiger Reef here.

9. The Highest Dunes in the World (Sossusvlei Dunes) Namibian Dunes I've climbed one of these and I can tell you, it's an experience. You'll be exhausted when you get to the top, but when you look down you will be blown away with a big fat dose of beauty.

10. The Wine Bar and Wine Shop (Windhoek) Wine Bar

Situated in the middle of Windhoek with amazing views and a wide variety of fantastic wines, the "Wine Bar" is a very romantic spot that can guarantee a sizzling evening for you and your significant other. Check out the site for more info here.

11. Hotel Gruner Kranz

Gruner Kranz

Gruner Kranz, or often referred to as "Grunies" masquerades as a typical hotel, but at night time, Gruner Kranz is off the hook. If you are in Swakopmund between 20 December and 2 January, this is one of the hottest place to visit. Check out their site here.

12. Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast

It's named after the fact that it's difficult to approach from the sea. Scary stuff? Not so much. But very easy on the eyes. You can read more about the Skeleton coast here.

13. Paintball

Paintball Who doesn't like shooting the living aardvark out of their friends? For those who do, you have options! In Swakopmund you can check out Swakopmund Adventure Park... and in the capital (Windhoek) check out Action Arena.

14. Henties Touch Rugby, 26 December

Henties Touch Rugby   Held once a year on 26 December at the main Henties Bay beach, this is one of the most popular events during the December holidays and one that has stood the test of time. Be sure not to miss it, and if you think you are good enough, enter the Henties Bay Touch Rugby challenge yourself.

15. Spitzkoppe Spitzkoppe The Spitzkoppe's is german and basically means Pointed Domain Mountains. The picture should make it apparent why it was given the name. Tons of stuff to do there so check out the official site here. Bonus Check out this really cool post about Windhoek.

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