10 Awesome Namibian Photos you may not have seen before


Namibia has a ton of talent when it comes to photography. Here's 10 of the best that you may not have seen before. Enjoy! 10. Namibian Sunset Photographer: Johan Jooste Photography namibian-sunset-johan-jooste 9. Sossuvlei Photographer: Lourika Reinders Sossusvlei, Namibia - By Lourika Reinders 8. A Windhoek Mountain in the Morning Photographer: Tracey namibian-morning 7. Namibian Outdoors Photographer: Lourika Reinders Namibian Outdoors - Lourika Reinders 6. KWV Underground Pool Party - "Clash of the Titans" Photographer: Namlish.com pool-party-22 5. Namibian Clouds Photographer: Johan Jooste Photography Namibian Clouds - Johan Jooste 4. Easter Madness with TWNC and Friends in Swakopmund Photographer: Namlish.com easter-madness2 3. Flying through the Namibian Desert Photographer: Leigh Daniz leigh-daniz 2. Namibian Elephants Photographer: Rian van Schalkwyk rian-van-schalkwyk 1. Owambo Region, Namibia Photographer: Paul van Schalkwyk Paul took this amazing photography in the Owambo region, Namibia. He won first prize in the Wunderman International Photography Competition. Paul van Schalkwyk

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