Things to do in Namibia

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    Take some time to gaze the landscapes of our beautiful country. For camping arangements see here.

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     The Cave is 4,5km in length. For a good place to rest before or during your exhibition into the cave check out Arnhem Cave lodge.

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    These happen all the time throughout Namibia and is a great way to make a few new friends. Find everything you need to know here.

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    Everything you need to know can be found here.

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    Lots of previous stones to view. For more info, check out their website here.

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    60km North of Henties Bay is the Cape Cross, an area covered in these furry guys. The only available accommodation in this area is the Cape Cross Lodge, but most visitors stay in either Swakopmund or Henties Bay and turn the trip to Cape Cross into a day trip. You can find tons of accommodation options for Swakop and Henties bay here.

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    Namibia has some of the biggest dunes in the world. The main area where these dunes are found is called Sossusvlei. You can read more about planning your own dune-climbing adventure here.

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    With it's fun and timeless atmosphere, Joe's is a great place to eat with friend or family. Check out there menu to see what is on offer.

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    If see food is more your thing, then you should try the Tug. Located right next to the beach, it's a treat. See what is on the menu here.

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    WhatsOnWindhoek is a directory of events happening in Namibia. You will find loads of options!

  16. Photo Credit: is Namibia's biggest online car directory. If you want to buy a car, or sell your own car, this is the place to start.

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  19. Photo Credit: is a Namibian platform that displays loads of job openings at companies in Namibia.

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  33. For the more art-inclined, the National Theatre of Namibia offers a variety of shows. Check out their website for more info.

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    Bands, comedy shows, you name it. There is always something happening here. To see what's coming up, check out their website here.

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     Planning on improving your drive, then check out the golf course at the Windhoek Country Club.

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    Need a rad new rug? Check out what these guys get up to. And yes, they take special requests!


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    Their fleet can handle up to 30 people per vessel and the cruise route can include the Harbour, the oyster lines, the lagoon and Pelican Point. We highly recommend mola mola.

  39. If it's for team building or just fun with friends, go have a blast at Tiger Reef Swakopmund Adventure Park.

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    The best way to see the seals up close and personal. Check out the full details of the tour here.

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    People tend to forget that South Africa really isn't that far away. With flights to Johannesburg and Cape Town soon to go down to as low as N$2500 for return flights, there's even more reason to get find some time and get planning. For some more insight into getting started, check this out.

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    Experience the sheer thrill of quad biking on the shifting sands or take a tour on a quad bike. See here for more details.

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     If you ever wanted to feel like Ethan Hunt, from the movie "Mission Impossible", there is no better person to show you the ropes than Richard Ford, an experienced rock climber. For more details check out his Facebook page).

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    Harnas offers a wide variety of activities and tours that really makes it a fun trip for the whole family.

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    Namibia has tons of modern shopping malls. Start by checking out Maerua Mall and Wernhil. The Grove also recently opened, but will still be a while before it's in full working condition.

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    With a large variety of products and free delivery for clients based in Windhoek, why shop any where else. Check out Voomka's website here .

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    This is really one of those activities that you can do just about anywhere in Namibia but it just adds to the feeling if your in the bush. We recommend Goche Ganas for the most tranquil experience.

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    Their FREE Hosting Package is all you need to get cracking. Loads of pre-installed applications such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc. See what they have to offer here.

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    Situated in the heart of the Namib Naukluft Park in Sossusvlei, there is really nothing like it. I recommend this over a flying because of the 360 degree view. For bookings or more information, go here.

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    Namlifts is a group on Facebook that offers members an effective platform to find lifts in Namibia. Check it out here.

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    Hardap Dam is a great place to go fishing or to just take the boat out for a ride. The dam also boasts an impressive number of chalets for those who don't want to camp.

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    Heroes Acre, is but one of the land marks to see in or around Windhoek, see the details here.

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    It's recommended to go during feeding times, where the divers hand feed some of the bigger fish. If your a Namibian, it will cost you the same as a 500ml coke. See the feeding times

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    Looking for a good picnic spot in Windhoek?

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    Help is always needed for our fellow furry earthlings. Check out their Facebook page to see how to get involved.

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    The Fish River Canyon is 550m deep, 27km wide and 160km long. The intense 85km trail through it, which takes hikers through 1.5 billion years of geological history, is accessible only from May to mid-September due to soaring temperatures the remainder of the year.

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    If you like your Motor Sports then be sure to check out the Tony Rust Race Track.

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    With 20 Rimo Go Karts directly from Germany, there is more than enough Go karts to go around and around. Fancy a Mini grand prix of your own, find out all you need to know here

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    Even the atmosphere reminds you of the Cape wine farms. If your going there for the wine and have a few friends handy, we recommend the cheese plater but with such an exquisite menu, feel free to try everything.

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    Namibia has hundreds of amazing bed and breakfast's and guest lodges (link is external). You can find a complete list of them right here. Pick one, fill in the booking form and go see a new part of Namibia you haven't seen before!

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    Restored to its present state back in 1957, Fort Namutoni mainly acts as a lodge or stopover. Great place to stay though!