Namibians Warming up to Online Shopping

12 Nov 2014
Shopping online can be one of the most convenient experiences you ever have. It has taken some time, but it is finally catching on in Namibia. A couple of years ago, the... (read more)

MTC Data Fiasco: 15 questions you should be asking

25 Jul 2014
Has your airtime been disappearing a little faster than normal lately? Have you found yourself topping up a lot more? Or maybe your bill this month was exceptionally high? The... (read more)


07 Jul 2014
The time now is 10:55 AM, 7 July 2014, and if you open this site, you should see this: Is your website secure? How secure is it? If you are not in charge of the security of your... (read more)

10 Namibian Websites You Have To See

01 Jul 2014
We've taken a bunch of the best Namibian websites we could find and gave you a reason why you should start using them more. 10. Looking for computer parts or... (read more)