Top 5 Places to watch the FIFA Soccer World Cup Finals in Windhoek

The finals are only a few days away and although the World Cup is not being held anywhere near us like last time, there is still that Soccer "gees" in the air. We recommend one of the places below to watch the last game of the Soccer World Cup this coming Sunday.

1. Andy's

It was tough deciding between Andy's and Joe's for first place, but Andy's got the spot simply because it is so popular at the moment. The place is always buzzing. If you haven't been there yet I highly recommend you grab a pizza and watch the soccer the first chance you get.
Address: 324 Sam Nujoma Drive (next to Cyclete)

2. Joe's Beerhouse

dylansJoe's is so iconic to Windhoek that we've actually already covered it in a previous blog post. If you want some of Namibia's best food with an authentic Namibian experience, you have to try out Joe's. But be sure to book (+264 61 23 2457) as they get full quickly.
Address: Nelson Mandela Ave, Windhoek, Namibia

3. SKW, Olympia

This is the place where you want to be whenever Germany is playing, but  no doubt a great venue for any other game too. SKW has a "HauptBar" (Main Bar) and usually displays the game on big screens. I also think it goes without saying, the beer is very good.
Address: Sean McBride Street, Olympia

4. Dylan's Bar, Southern Industrial Area


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Very popular venue that recently moved to 17 Joule Street, just around the corner from Club London. They have karaoke nights every Thursday, but to find out if they have anything planned for the big game nights, you can contact them on 081 128 7664.
Address: 17 Joule Street, Southern Industrial Area

5. Primi Piatti, Maerua Mall

Primi Piatti Logo
With the previous World Cup, this place was packed every game I watched there. There has been a fair amount of construction at Maerua Mall that many have found to be a pain, but if you can look past the parking issue, Primi will undoubtedly offer a festive atmosphere to have a drink and even grab a bite to eat while watching the soccer.
Address: Maerua Mall

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