Grace Mugabes oldest son import two Rolls Royce limousines worth £4 million



Russel Goreraza who is the son of the Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe's, has just acquired two new Rolls Royce limousines. Goreraza is 33 and Grace's eldest son from her first marriage with Wing Commander Stanley Goreraza, who is the former Air Force of Zimbabwe's intelligence officer. The vehicles are said to worth over 70 m Namibian Dollars; meanwhile, this is a situation when the country is facing serious monetary problems.

After the arrival of the cars in the country on Sunday there was a huge uproar on social media. Reports show that the two Rolls Royce have been imported from Europe. Gorereza also owns a 2017 Range Rover Sports SVR which was acquired this year and his garage is also home to a Range Rover, two Mercedes-Benze's - a 320 E Class and a Brabus ML 500. According to news published on, Goreraza told his friend he is also expecting an Aston Martin. You can get a good idea of just how expensive these vehicles are by comparing vehicle prices on In short, it's extremely expensive, despite the fact that the money could be put to much better use.

The news of these exorbitant purchases came just a few months after the Regent Apartment Hotel evicted Grace’s two other sons Robert Jnr and Bellarmine Chatunga for "unacceptable behavior" in June. However, they later moved to another hotel where their mom Grace attacked a young model Gabriella Engels in August because she was visiting her son.

Gabriella Engels later took to her Instagram to write about the incident. In her words: “Rob jnr was put out of the hotel room, and Bellarmine ran away. My two friends and I were beaten up in a room with 10+ men leaving her to do it. She split my head open in three places with an extension cord and used the plug to hit me.” The Mail quoted sources later added that one of the First Lady’s aides was seen drawing out a gun from its holster after Gabriella tried to fight back.

According to Voice of America, Goreraza was found guilty of killing a pedestrian in 2015. He was driving a BMW vehicle when then the incident occurs, which lead to the victim's death. Meanwhile, Goreraza was ordered to pay a fine of $800 or two months jail time by the magistrate.

When you look at the chaotic and unstable situation in Zimbabwe today, it is important to recall this was a country that in the early years of Mugabe's rule was one of the most affluent nations in sub-Sahara Africa. But, today the rate of inflation in Zimbabwe is now the highest in the world, 1,600%. Much of this is driven by government borrowing to cover rising expenses. The infrastructure itself is falling apart. Schools are run down, hospitals critically underfunded and short of both equipment and medicines. To make matters worse, even essential services are failing or in bad shape - for example, sewage-treatment plants.

As matters go from bad to worse in Zimbabwe at ever accelerating rates of speed, Mugabe it seems is primarily concerned with his legacy. He has hired architects to construct a massive shrine in homage to his life and times. It is to be named the Robert Mugabe Memorial, and it will chronicle the events of his life, from, rebel leader to life President. The structure is being built in the President's hometown of Zvimba.

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