5 Interesting Facts about Gaming in Namibia


Gaming has come a very long way since some of the first LAN parties were hosted in Namibia back in the nineties. A LAN party is an event organized by fellow gamers where everyone will bring their computer to a venue, hook them up using switches and hubs and spend the weekend playing a variety of games against each other. Here are 5 very interesting facts about gaming in Namibia.

1. There is a massive Namibian Gaming Community

Namibian Gaming Community The Namibian Gaming Community Facebook Group boasts a whopping 451 members and for those that prefer to avoid Facebook, there is also the Namibian Gaming Community Forums, a very active internet forum which boasts 468 members. Getting involved in gaming in Namibia has never been this easy. We highly recommend checking out the gaming forums where you will be able to dive directly into the topics you are interested in. Topics include everything from Events to Game Genres and much more. And yes, all of it is 100% FREE for anyone to join.

2. LAN parties are happening all the time

lan-party-2003 (photo credit) The next one is the HWC Coastal LAN and the best part is signing up to play is as simple as filling in this form. You will also find their web page filled with useful information on past events, upcoming events and more. Give them a like on Facebook to stay up to date on more exciting upcoming events. For even more LAN parties and other gaming events, please check out this page. NESA Logo

3. Gaming is a sport in Namibia

The Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) is recognized as the official governing body for eSports in Namibia. They are able to go as far as giving gamers National Colours in any games. They are also registered with the International eSports Federation (IeSF). This is serious stuff! The industry is still growing and hopefully with sponsors coming on board it will soon be possible to send teams to annual competitions in other countries. This is a fantastic opportunity for Namibian businesses to get involved in what is a very promising industry in Namibia and one that could in many ways give amazing exposure to Namibia as a whole.

4. Playing online in Namibia is far more feasible than it used to be

namlan (photo credit) The biggest problem in the past was the lack of decent internet in Namibia. That has come a long way since ADSL and other broadband solutions like 3G and 4G were introduced. With internet now more affordable and more easily accessible for many, Namibian gamers can now easily play online. At the moment there is only the Namibian Gaming Community (NGC) Teamspeak 3 Server sponsored by the Nambian Clan Renegade Mercenaries. If there are any servers in future they will be added to http://gamingnamibia.org/servers or if anyone has a server and would like it listed they should get in touch with Gaming Namibia.

5. There are girl gamers too!

girl-gamer-winner (photo credit) Gaming is still a male-dominated sport, but there is definitely an improvement from what was probably a 0% attendance in the past to what is reaching as high as 15% at big events nowadays. In fact, the International eSports Federation is making an active effort to get even more females involved. Read more about their efforts here. Gaming is for everyone! Don't ever be afraid to get involved.


If you love gaming in Namibia, there is a whole world for you to get involved in that was previously not nearly as accessible. So grab your keyboard, joysticks and put on your LAN party hat... it's time to kick some serious gaming butt!

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