The 8 best places to eat in Namibia for 2015



Namibia has many amazing restaurants, but it takes something like FNB's Restaurant Week to really see who stands out among the rest. So here they are, in all their glory, Namibia's top favourite restaurants, as voted by those who took part in FNB's Restaurant Week

FNB Restaurant Week's Final Results

Cafe / Bistro Category

Best Bar Service: Anchor's Restaurant, Walvis Bay
Best Customer Service:  Anchor's Restaurant, Walvis Bay
Best FNB RWN Menu: Lemon tree Bistro, Walvis Bay
Best Overall Bistro: Lemon tree Bistro, Walvis Bay

Restaurant Category

Best Bar Service: The Raft, Walvis Bay
Best Customer Service: Brauhaus, Swakopmund
Best FNB RWN Menu: Garnish Restaurant, Windhoek
Best Overall Restaurant: Corner of 62nd, Windhoek

Fine Dining Category

Best Bar Service: Heinitzburg, Windhoek
Best Customer Service:  Heinitzburg, Windhoek
Best FNB RWN Menu: Hotel Thule, Windhoek
Best Overall Fine Dining Restaurant:  Hotel Thule, Windhoek

Congratulations to all the winners!

The Winners


Corner of 62nd, Windhoek

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  • Best Overall Restaurant (Restaurant Category)


Anchor's Restaurant, Walvis Bay

Photo credit: Anchor's Restaurant Facebook Page

  • Best Bar Service (Cafe / Bistro Category)
  • Best Customer Service (Cafe / Bistro Category)


Lemon Tree Bistro, Walvis Bay

Photo credit: Lemon Tree Deli Facebook Page

  • Best FNB RWN Menu (Cafe / Bistro Category)
  • Best Overall Bistro (Cafe / Bistro Category)

Heinitzburg, Windhoek

Photo credit:

  • Best Bar Service (Fine Dining Category)
  • Best Customer Service (Fine Dining Category)


Hotel Thule, Windhoek

Photo credit: Hotel Thule Facebook Page

  • Best FNB RWN Menu (Fine Dining Category)
  • Best Overall Fine Dining Restaurant (Fine Dining Category)


The Raft, Walvis Bay

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  • Best Bar Service (Restaurant Category)


Brauhaus, Swakopmund

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  • Best Customer Service (Restaurant Category)


Garnish Restaurant, Windhoek

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  • Best FNB RWN Menu (Restaurant Category)


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(2 comments posted.)
Donelia Esterhuizen's picture

From Lemon Tree Café Walvis Bay - We are so proud as new comers into the market to have done so good. Thank You Again to all our great and loyal customers out there who have supported us throughout this competition. Great Food / Stunning athmosphere and wonderfull friendly staff / In this industry that is all we can ask for. Belinda & Donelia The Lemon Tree Café Walvis Bay

169 users have voted.
Namlow Dse Deadfrost's picture

A gem not mentioned here is in the heart of Swakopmund, "Barrels". Their food is off the top shelf...

298 users have voted.