What is "Logging in with Facebook"?

It's called "Facebook Connect", a single sign-on method by which we save you the hassle of registering an account on OurNamibia.com manually. Anyone with a Facebok account can instantly log in on OurNamibia by simply clicking on this button:

Log in with Facebook

While some websites might ask for more of your personal information or perhaps even permission to post on your wall, we only ask for your e-mail address in order to create an account for you.

The biggest concern most have with Facebook Connect, is that of safety. Please take note of the below:

Is it safe to log in with Facebook on another site? Yes, you can use your Facebook account on several third-party websites and apps. These websites and apps are using the Facebook Platform and must follow the Facebook Platform Policies. Look for the Login button that prompts you to log in with Facebook. You should make sure that clicking the Login button opens a separate browser pop-up window, and that the Web address for the pop-up contains the proper "www.facebook.com" domain. If it does, you’ll know that it’s a legitimate Facebook page and not a phishing attempt, and you can log in safely and securely.

Taken directly from Facebook's help pages.

If you have any questions regarding logging in using Facebook, please do not hesitate to contact us!