Why you should be using Namibia's biggest Events Calendar


The number of online services in Namibia have grown considerably in the last few of years. It's easier than ever to sell your car online, find accommodation, view photos from around Namibia and even buy high quality products online. It is great to see how all Namibians are benefiting from these services as more and more sites are being created strictly for a Namibian audience. WhatsOnNamibia.com is a very good example of a Namibian online service that is doing it right! We spoke to the owner of WhatsOnNamibia.com to see if we couldn't dig a bit deeper to see what it takes to manage a successful online service in Namibia!

What exactly is WhatsOnNamibia.com?

"WhatsON" is a platform that allows anyone to advertise events and leisure time activities at a convenient and easy to browse entertainment portal. Unlike conventional advertising methods, like newspaper and radio, advertising your event online is completely free! Thanks to our sterling reputation, many in Namibia already know WhatsOnNamibia.com as the "go to" website for event-related information.

What are the most popular types of events on WhatsON?

You will find all types of events. From concerts to exhibitions to public lectures to sport events, you name it. It's not uncommon to open the WhatsOnNamibiacom website and be surprised with just how much is actually going on in Namibia!

How many events can users create?

There is no limit. If you are involved in multiple events, this is a sure way to get that extra exposure you might be looking for!

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden costs. A basic entry is free of charge – same like on Facebook. Paid services like highlighting of events or banner advertising are clearly indicated.

How do people hear about WhatsOnNamibia.com?

We have established relation with other media houses that print or broadcast our event information. Amongst them New Era, Windhoek Express, the newsletter of the City of Windhoek, UNAM Radio, 99FM, NBC TV, Hit Radio and Fresh FM.

What has been your proudest moment regarding the launch of the new site?

To see how much support we got from the community! People really want this kind of information platform for Namibia!

How can people get in touch with WhatsON?

Events can be posted directly on the site by  going to www.WhatsOnNamibia.com, but if you have any questions, please contact the owners on 0818626488.

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