Interview with a Namibian Rockstar


The "rock music scene" in Namibia has grown significantly over the years and even more so with the establishment of events that specifically focus on promoting Namibian artists. One of these artists is the highly talented Ruan Greeff, also known by his stage name, "John Rock Prophet". We've done a brief interview with him, but before he gives it to us straight, let's give his music a chance to speak for him. Check out this amazing song by John Rock Prophet: We asked John Rock Prophet a few questions. We would like to think, the questions that really matter! This is what he had to say:

When and why did you start playing music?

"Same reason runners run and philosophers think... a deep unexplained urge to do it!"

What are your songs about?

"My songs... well... about death really and therefore about life."

How is the "Groupie" scene in Namibia?

"Very much alive.... not as many people as in other countries but too much for one person to handle, should the person choose to handle groupies. The people who convey sincere appreciation for the music... they are the ones I remember at a gig."

Would you ever trade your guitar and if so, for what?

"Enough money to buy two."

What's your favorite song at the moment?

"Lovers Eyes by Mumford and Sons, as performed at Red Rocks." [Check out Lovers Eyes by Mumford and Sons here]

Name the one event you absolutely have to perform at before you die?

"Singing the South African National Anthem in front of a world cup game.... That day....I shall bring it!"

How often and for how long do you practice?

"I try and make it a daily ritual. Between one and two hours. 5 years from now, I want to be 4 times more established in my career and 10 times better at my craft."

What's your favourite restaurant in Namibia?

"Any restaurant in Swakopmund."

What's your favourite place in Namibia?

"Any restaurant in Swakopmund."

How would you describe your "sound" and how does it set you apart from everyone else?

"Great question ...cant say and a bit reluctant to as well, I just do what comes naturally."

What is your most embarrassing on-stage experience?

"Once forgot to eat the entire day.... and half way through the set, my blood sugar was so low that I couldn't remember which song I just sung and with which I should start."

What was your proudest moment?

"Playing a private function for 14 people... and coming to the realization that people pay me for my time to do this."

Are you available for private events?

"I am...actually, given the nature of my music, I gell well with a more relaxed setting. And I'll play anywhere where people will appreciate it."

When is your next big gig?

We'll be playing live at Namrock 2014.

How should event organizers go about getting in touch with you?

Check out the John Rock Prophet Facebook page or use the contact form on my website.

Did you enjoy the interview? What popular Namibian artist should we interview next?

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