10 Awesome Namibian Musicians



Namibia has a lot of great talent. Below we showcase some of the best in no particular order! Think we forgot one? Leave a comment!

1. EES


If you are Namibian living in one of the major towns, you have most likely been to a concert where EES has performed. He is very popular and has kept Namibia's name high on an international level. Very few artists say "proudly Namibian" as well as EES does. 

You can check out his website here or check out his Facebook page here.

2. Nianell


While initially from Omaruru, Nianell has really attracted a huge fan base from the South African market.

You can grab all the latest Nianell information from her website at www.nianell.co.za.

3. John Rock Prophet


Born in Windhoek in 1984, John Rock Prophet earned his first guitar in primary school after his father told him, "When you can play your first song, I buy you a guitar." At the age of 12, he was his son and his father, in his red Ford Cortina, went to a music store. He started writing and his talent and hunger were indispensable. His latest album "Elevated Standards" is a testament to the nostalgia of this young man ... It's new, it's old, it's Afrikaans and it's here.

You can check out his website here or his Facebook page here.

4. Gazza


Gazza is one of the most commercially successful and best-selling recording artists in Namibia. Gazza was born on 10 March 1977 in Windhoek in a family of seven. At that time, he had to live in a shack behind someone's house after his father died. Despite those modest beginnings, he has always pursued the goals he had set for his life. Gazza has always loved challenges. As a soccer lover, he nicknamed himself Gazza after famous English soccer player Paul Gascoigne

Check out his Facebook page here.

5. Vaughn Ahrens


Ahrens started his music career playing at pubs and restaurants when he was 14 years old with just an acoustic guitar and some songs he had learnt. Artistically, he is inspired by legends like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and The Stones as well as some newer bands and artists like Mumford and Sons, Declan McKenna and Matthew Mole.

Vaughn Ahrens is one of Namibia's newly celebrated guitarists and live performers. He recently released an EP and is currently working on his debut album, due to be released in April 2019.

You can also follow him on his Facebook page to keep up with any new information.

6. Stefan Ludik


Stefan Ludik, born April 5th 1981, is a Namibian musician, television personality, actor, and former cricketer from Windhoek. He was the first contestant to represent Namibia in the reality television program Big Brother Africa. He is now a popular Afrikaans singer and actor.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Ludik.music/

7. Juanita du Plessis


Juanita du Plessis is a famous Afrikaans country singer, born on 26 April 1972 in Windhoek, Namibia. She became known for her song Ska-Rumba. Du Plessis' singing career began in 1998 with her debut album Juanita. That year she won the CMA (Country Music Association in Namibia) awards as best singer, best songwriter and the Association’s Award for outstanding achievement.

The total sales to date of all her albums sum up to 2,400,000. In 2010 she received a South African Music Award in the category Best Afrikaans DVD for her 10 Year Hit Celebration Production. The DVD contains her most successful hits over the first 10 years of her singing career. She was crowned the most popular female artist for the seventh consecutive year at the Huisgenoot's Tempo Awards ceremony in Johannesburg during 2011. In 2018 she celebrated 20 years in the music industry, releasing a greatest hits album 20 Jaar - Treffers van 2008-2018.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/juanitaduplessis.page/

8. Riana Nel


Riana Nel (born November 9, 1982) is a Namibian singer and songwriter. After growing up in Namibia, Windhoek she moved to South Africa, Pretoria to start her career.

Her songs have been described as including elements of "pop & country". She is known for the singer who can make up a song with just a few words on the spot. She had firmly placed her roots in gospel music on the release of the albums Oopmond, The Cure, Breathe and Someone with Skin and has won several awards including the Crescendo Award in 2000, a SAMA, Huisgenoot tempo and Ghoema awards. The album Die Moeite Werd appealed more to the secular market and has reached platinum status and continues to top South African music charts. Nel has also starred in the Afrikaans movie, N Saak Van Geloof alongside her co-star Robbie Wessels, the well acclaimed South African singer-songwriter/comedian.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/RianaNelBand//

9. Lize Ehlers

Lize Ehlers is a passionate and commemorated Namibian singer, songwriter, actress, poet, agent and facilitator. Winner of the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAS) 2014 “Most Socially Responsible Artist Award” as well as “The Encourager Award” at the AMTC SHINE convention in Orlando Florida, 2014, Winner of the NAMAS 2015 “Best Rock/Alternative Award” & NAMAS 2016 “Best Live Performer” & “Most Socially Responsible Artist Award.” This proudly Namibian singer was nominated as the Namibian Ambassador of the Arts in 2013 and is the recipient of the top 5 Standard Bank Woman of Excellence Award.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pg/TheLizeMusic/

10. Michael Pulse


Micheal Pulse is one of those artists who cut deep and exposes the sometimes gruesome side of life and love – but makes you fall in love with his music at the same time.

Honesty and sincerity are at the core of his debut album 'Pulsified' as you get to know Pulse in a different light. Those who have been in the R&B singer's company would know how light-hearted and funny he can get and that's just one side of the story – 'Pulsified' is the other side.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/officialmichealpulse/

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