10 Awesome Namibian Musicians

13 Aug 2018
Namibia has a lot of great talent. Below we showcase some of the best in no particular order! Think we forgot one? Leave a comment! 1. EES If you are Namibian living in... (read more)

VIDEO: This is Namibia

20 Sep 2015
An amazing video by Travel News Namibia. Check out the awesome video below and give Travel News Namibia a like. I would write a description, but I think the author's words say... (read more)

Why you should be using Namibia's biggest Events Calendar

13 Aug 2015
The number of online services in Namibia have grown considerably in the last few of years. It's easier than ever to sell your car online, find accommodation, view photos... (read more)

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Namibia Version)

01 Feb 2015
This was posted back in February 2014, but has since managed to get just short of 65 000 views. If you love Namibia, you'll love this... (read more)

5 of Namibia's Biggest Moments

02 Sep 2014
Anyone who lives in Namibia will know that despite it's small size, Namibia has a lot going on. Sometimes there are really big, happy moments. Other times there are... (read more)

Interview with a Namibian Rockstar

23 Aug 2014
The "rock music scene" in Namibia has grown significantly over the years and even more so with the establishment of events that specifically focus on... (read more)

Mad Max 4 Trailer (Movie Shot in Namibia)

28 Jul 2014
The making of the movie came with a heap of drama. Not only did filming begin 18 months after it was supposed to, the Namibian Coast Conservation and Management group... (read more)

20 Photos of Namibian Musicians

18 Jul 2014
Rock Music has grown significantly over the years in Namibia. Big events like Namrock and the various shows at the Warehouse Theatre are evidence of this. No one captures... (read more)

10 of Namibia's Hottest Women

09 Jul 2014
10. Clarise de Villiers Photo credit Clarise has been modeling since she was 8 years old. She has won several competitions and while she is currently only 23 years old,... (read more)

Top 5 Places to watch the FIFA Soccer World Cup Finals in Windhoek

07 Jul 2014
The finals are only a few days away and although the World Cup is not being held anywhere near us like last time, there is still that Soccer "gees" in the air. We recommend one... (read more)