Win a Case of Heineken or a Namibian Rugby World Cup Jersey (and other prizes)


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In the spirit of supporting our fellow Namibians at the Rugby World Cup in London, together with Heineken is hosting a Score Prediction Competition. That's right, you get to guess which team will win and in return you could walk away with a case of Heineken beer delivered directly to your door! Also up for grabs are shopping vouchers from and airtime vouchers for your phone.

Grand Prize Update!

The winner of this competition will not only get a case of Heineken beer, but also this authentic Namibian Rugby World Cup 2015 Jersey:

authentic Namibian Rugby World Cup 2015

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Namibia VS New Zealand

24 Sep 2015, 21:00
Congratulations to, New Zealand!
Please wait while the results are calculated and winners are selected. Winners will be announced shortly....
Final Game Score:
New Zealand

Who won?

  • Vonkie Olivier - 1 Case of Heineken Beer
  • Rousseau Kirsten - 1 Case of Heineken Beer
  • Louis Coetzee - N$200 Voomka Shopping Voucher
  • Ansie Ward - N$200 Voomka Shopping Voucher
  • Desiree Freygang - N$200 Voomka Shopping Voucher
  • Rodger Boon - N$50 Airtime
  • Gawain Cloete - N$50 Airtime
  • Pelle Tomas - N$50 Airtime
  • Marco van der Bergh - N$50 Airtime
  • Etienne Willemse - N$50 Airtime

Namibia VS Tonga

29 Sep 2015, 17:45
Congratulations to, Tonga!
Please wait while the results are calculated and winners are selected. Winners will be announced shortly....
Final Game Score:

Who won?

  • Ricarda Hein - 1 x Heineken Case of Beer
  • Polla Willers - 1 x Heineken Case of Beer
  • Tate Wacko Iipito - N$200 Shopping Voucher
  • Morne Dean Vries - N$200 Shopping Voucher
  • Jackeline Sass - N$200 Shopping Voucher
  • Vehumbuavi Hange - N$50 Airtime
  • Corné Thirion Mills - N$50 Airtime
  • Louis Karsten - N$50 Airtime
  • Tjino Honey Ngozu-Rukoro - N$50 Airtime
  • Moshoo Mbute Akwenye - N$50 Airtime

Namibia VS Georgia

07 Oct 2015, 21:00
Congratulations to, Georgia!
Please wait while the results are calculated and winners are selected. Winners will be announced shortly....
Final Game Score:

Who won?

  • Fritz Coetzee - Case of Heineken
  • Patricia - Case of Heineken
  • Ernest Van Deventer - N$200 Shopping Voucher at
  • Colette Vermaak - N$200 Shopping Voucher at
  • Eugene Van der Merwe - N$200 Shopping Voucher at
  • Estelle Dalbock Orffer - N$50 Airtime
  • Chez Ken - N$50 Airtime
  • Robbie Swartkat Pitt - N$50 Airtime
  • Pandu Moses Ya Simson II - N$50 Airtime
  • Thokozile Njt - N$50 Airtime

Namibia VS Argentina

11 Oct 2015, 13:00
Congratulations to, Argentina!
Please wait while the results are calculated and winners are selected. Winners will be announced shortly....
Final Game Score:

Who won?

  • Aldrin Cloete - Namibian Rugby Jersey
  • Bullz Martins- Case of Heineken Beer
  • Robbie Swartkat Pitt - Case of Heineken Beer
  • Winfried von Martelock - N$200 Voomka Voucher
  • Morne Dean Vries - N$200 Voomka Voucher
  • Paulus S SmartBlack - N$200 Voomka Voucher
  • Christine Simon Visser - N$50 Airtime
  • Denver Nanoes Mouton - N$50 Airtime
  • Elaine Coetzee - N$50 Airtime
  • Sluipstap Pretorius - N$50 Airtime
  • Renier Taljaard - N$50 Airtime


By entering this competition, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
  1. This Competition is managed by "Namhost Internet Services cc", hereinafter referred to as the "Promoters".
  2. To enter the competition, you must log in using Facebook on Once signed up, you will be able to submit your prediction for the various matches. Once you submit your prediction you will be considered a "Participant" or "Entrant" of this competition.
  3. The people who guess the closest to the final correct score will win prizes. If no one guesses correctly, the person who guesses the closest to the correct value will be the winner. Judges decision regarding this is final. If multiple people guess the same correct value, a winner will be chosen at random from the pool of Entrants that guessed correctly.
  4. Once a user predicts their score, they are allowed to changeh their prediction. Only when the Rugby World Cup game kicks off will predictions for that game be disabled.
  5. A single user may only provide one prediction per match played between Namibia and an opposing team.
  6. This Competition is open to all residents of Namibia that are 18 years or older. A copy of your ID will be requested to confirm you are 18 years or older.
  7. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Promoters will be final and binding on all aspets of this promotional competition and no correspondence will be entered into.
  8. The Promoters reserve the right, should the need arise, to vary elements of the competition and prize, if deemed absolutely necessary. In such an event the variation will be communicated to the winners.
  9. Should the Promoters be unable, for any reason whatsoever, to supply the specified prizes, the Promoters reserve the right to substitute the advertised prize (or any element(s) of the advertised prize) for a prize of equivalent value.
  10. If the Promoters suspect foul play by any participant they are entitled to disqualify the participant with immediate effect. The Promoters' decision regarding this matter is final and no correspondence on this matter will be entered into.
  11. Entrants to the competition are responsible for entering their correct personal details and should they win, the Promoters will not be held liable should the details submitted be incorrect and as a result, the Entrant forfeits their prize due to the Promoters not being able to reach the Entrant.
  12. Participants who do not respond within 14 days of being contacted regarding prize winnings, will be disqualified after 14 days and the prize will be placed back in the pool of available prizes or given to whoever was the next closest winner.
  13. In the case of a redraw, the same rules and details will apply as the initial draw with regards to the communication of the result to the winner, the timelines on the winner contacting the Promoter and the effects of the winner failing to make contact within the 14 day period.
  14. Participants may only enter the competition using one single e-mail addresses. Multiple entries from multiple different accounts will result in immediate disqualification and a permanent ban from all future competitions.
  15. This competition starts on 23 September 2015, and will when the last Namibian Rugby World Cup 2015 game comes to an end..
  16. You must agree to the terms and conditions set out on this page in order to enter the competition.
  17. You may only enter the competition via our website,
  18. You are required to either "Log In Using Facebook" or register using your e-mail address. For certain prizes, however, we may request additional information such as your ID number or telephone number.
  19. Friends must reside in Namibia for their entries to be considered valid.
  20. Registration and wheel-spins are free of charge.
  21. By entering this competition, the participant agrees that the Promoter may contact the participant via e-mail.
  22. Every communication email from the Promoters will have an unsubscribe link, and subscribers may unsubscribe at any time without any penalty.
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  26. Each prize may be subject to its own terms and conditions. These additional terms will be mentioned upon rewarding of the prize to the participant.
  27. Prizes are not transferrable for cash.
  28. Prizes are not transferrable to a 3rd party and may not be sold.
  29. Discount vouchers may not be combined or grouped together. Only one voucher may be applied to a single order / transaction.
  30. Vouchers may only be used to apply discount to orders that are over N$200.00 in total value.
  31. Cash prizes will be paid into the winner's Namibian bank account unless otherwise agreed to by the Promoters. Should the winner not have a Namibian bank account, he or she will be allowed 21 days or such extended period as agreed between the Promoter and the winner after revealing their prize to open an account, failure of which will lead to the winner forfeiting their prize.
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  33. The Promoter will not be liable for any loss suffered as a result of incomplete or incorrect information provided.
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  36. All voucher prizes are valid until 1 January 2016.
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  40. The decision of the Promoters regarding the Competition winners will be final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the choice of the winner and/or the awarding of the prize.
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  42. The names of the Draw Prize Winners may be published on social networking pages and websites operated by the Promoters.
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  47. This competition and its rules will be governed by the law of the Republic of South Africa regardless of where you live or work, or where or how you enter.
  48. The Promoters reserve the right to verify the validity of entries and to disqualify any entrant (including a winner) who tampers with the entry process, who submits an entry that is not in accordance with these Terms & Conditions set out on this page or who has, in the sole opinion of the Promoters engaged in conduct in entering the Competition which is fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or generally damaging to the goodwill or reputation of the Promoters.
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  52. All entrants, by entering this promotional competition, agree to be bound by these terms and conditions
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(38 comments posted.)
Megumboh Paavo's picture

Namibia 23 - New Zealand 68

248 users have voted.
admin's picture

Remember, you must fill in the form up top and not just leave a comment. Only if you entered by scrolling up, will you stand a chance to win the prizes!

169 users have voted.
Smile Benjamin's picture

Proud Namibian for a the team of the year

153 users have voted.
Rose Kapax's picture

we will win

160 users have voted.
Wesley Williams's picture

Go Namibia. Proud to be a Namibian

160 users have voted.
Amukwiita N Fillemon's picture

Namibia show them that you can yes you can do it

177 users have voted.
Wiets Coetzee's picture

Go Nam make us proud no matter what the score is!

177 users have voted.
Anel Boltman's picture

Proudly Namibian!!❤

171 users have voted.
Anel Boltman's picture

Proudly Namibian!!Go Welwitchias!❤

165 users have voted.
belinda's picture

I got a feeling that we gnna win after all its 2015 GO WELWITCHIAS

170 users have voted.
Fêssy Ashly's picture

All the best

172 users have voted.
Frieda Manas's picture

I am proudly Namibian.Go boys and do us proud,play with your hearts,and all else will fall in place!

195 users have voted.
Kotze Gladys Glee's picture

No comments

148 users have voted.
Kotze Gladys Glee's picture

No comment

164 users have voted.
Kotze Gladys Glee's picture

Goodluck Wewitchias. I'm 100% behind you.

169 users have voted.
Foibe Ndapandula Naapopye Fillemon's picture

I'm not a rugby fan but due to the love of sport I'm very much confident that we'll gonna beat New Zealand thoroughly. #TEAMNAMIBIA....

190 users have voted.
Maximiliaan Mcnab's picture

Go Namibia.....

Support you all the way....

168 users have voted.
Omumaruru Ua Maruru's picture

Proud Namibian our first game, our frst win!!!

204 users have voted.
Andrew Roger Josob's picture

Im proud namibian

156 users have voted.
Melchior Da Silva Max's picture

who won the competition

168 users have voted.
admin's picture

Hello! The winners were announced if you scroll up. But remember, there's new winners for each game! So make your prediction! you can still win!

195 users have voted.
NervyCafe's picture

Go Namibia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

171 users have voted.
D.j. Skippie's picture

Go Boys.......proudly Namibian matter what happens in the game.... trots op julle!!!!!!!

171 users have voted.
Mayanga Isak's picture

Vandag is vandag.. Die best span sal win Namibiaaa.....!!!

157 users have voted.
Shaheeda Isaaks's picture


165 users have voted.
Eugene T Olivier's picture

Go Nam

152 users have voted.
Peter Tarr's picture


167 users have voted.
Gavin Rittmann's picture

Best performance Ever Go Nam

152 users have voted.
Otto Lambert's picture

Good luck Namibia !

196 users have voted.
Jeremy Silvester's picture

Namibia has really won a lot of respect with their performances at this world cup and a lot of positive media coverage. Omake Namibia!

160 users have voted.
Christopher Percy Blizard's picture

Namibia has done well in this RWC 2015. Made us all proud

165 users have voted.
Lysias Shoopala Johannes's picture

Watch welwitchia today go go namibia land of the brave, dont give up we are here for u wel we cheer.

204 users have voted.
Mowers Cathy's picture

We are very proud of our boys win or loose we are 100 persent at your side in prayers best luck with the game

130 users have voted.
Anton Faul's picture

Agree! Behind them all the way!

159 users have voted.
Mowers Cathy's picture

we know you can do it boys and know the hole namibia are proud of you boys and trust in you good luck with the game

159 users have voted.
Zenas Shoopala's picture

Am proud of the boys, good luck guys my predictions is 18-21

194 users have voted.
Imms Silento Daniel's picture

my prediction is 18-23 in favor of Argentina

165 users have voted.
Ahinahas Van de Wat's picture

Namibia 11-24 Argentina

184 users have voted.