Rainy Havok in Windhoek

16 Jan 2014
With the high temperatures and heat wave across the whole of the central country, a lot of Namibians we're pleased to find that the rain has finally returned to our barren... (read more)

Reiter is no more

26 Dec 2013
They removed the iconic "Reiter" Statue in the middle of Windhoek. Some are happy, some are sad. Whatever your emotion might be, let's take a second to reminisce. How do you... (read more)

Namibian Public Holidays 2014

07 Dec 2013
Public Holidays in Namibia for 2014 include: 1 January 2014 (Wednesday): New Year’s Day 21 March 2014 (Friday): Independence Day 18 April 2014 (Friday): Good Friday 21 April... (read more)

Tafel Lager Namrock 2013

03 Dec 2013
I bet most Namibians were extremely unproductive on the monday following Namrock 2013 - It was a weekend to remember! Firstly, this was one of, if not the very first outdoor rock... (read more)

Real Life Mowgli, born in Namibia

09 Nov 2013
"Riding a five-ton elephant, whom she called ‘my brother’, chilling with a cheetah or hugging a giant bullfrog as if it were a Teddy bear. The childhood of a French girl Tippi... (read more)

The Sad State of Internet Speeds in Namibia

09 Nov 2013
Yes, with 4G things are a lot better, but this is still pretty weak: However, it's not much better in South Africa. I had a friend send me the same information from Cape... (read more)

Jack Parow in Namibia

09 Nov 2013
Jack Parow was in Windhoek recently for a concert. Here are some of the pictures from the event, taken by: https://www.facebook.com/DisorGaniZedChAosPhotoGraPhy And... (read more)

What's the deal with Namibia's Currency?

18 Mar 2013
When I first moved to Namibia, everyone was using the South African Rand. It was particularly strange to me, as I moved to Namibia from South Africa. It was strange because... (read more)