10 Namibian Websites You Have To See

01 Jul 2014
We've taken a bunch of the best Namibian websites we could find and gave you a reason why you should start using them more. 10. Voomka.com Looking for computer parts or... (read more)

Windhoek Metal Fest

27 Jun 2014
Last year the Namrock went down really well. So much so that I think it's safe to say metal and rock is still very popular in Namibia and not likely to change anytime... (read more)

Replica of Malema's EFF Party to Launch in Namibia

25 Jun 2014
A new and soon-to-be-registered party called "NEFF" (Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters) was announced today. The party is directly inspired by South Africa's "EFF" Political Party... (read more)

Angelina Jolie to become Namibian Citizen

19 Jun 2014
Angelina Jolie is currently in talks to become a Namibian Citizen in order to claim use of the recently earned title of "honoury damehood" bestowed on her by Britain's Queen... (read more)

Soccer World Cup Game Times for Namibia

17 Jun 2014
I struggled to find a decent list myself, so I hope this breakdown to +1GMT (for Namibia) should make it easy to know who's playing when. Date Time Match 17 June... (read more)

Women's Solidarity shelter for expectant mothers and victims of abuse

07 Apr 2014
A friend recently released this newsletter and we here at OurNamibia feld it was our duty to make this information available to our readers. This goes without saying that the... (read more)

Rainy Havok in Windhoek

16 Jan 2014
With the high temperatures and heat wave across the whole of the central country, a lot of Namibians we're pleased to find that the rain has finally returned to our barren... (read more)

Reiter is no more

26 Dec 2013
They removed the iconic "Reiter" Statue in the middle of Windhoek. Some are happy, some are sad. Whatever your emotion might be, let's take a second to reminisce. How do you... (read more)

Namibian Public Holidays 2014

07 Dec 2013
Public Holidays in Namibia for 2014 include: 1 January 2014 (Wednesday): New Year’s Day 21 March 2014 (Friday): Independence Day 18 April 2014 (Friday): Good Friday 21 April... (read more)

Tafel Lager Namrock 2013

03 Dec 2013
I bet most Namibians were extremely unproductive on the monday following Namrock 2013 - It was a weekend to remember! Firstly, this was one of, if not the very first outdoor rock... (read more)