The 5 Most Dangerous Animals in Namibia

18 Feb 2015
Most people would grab the opportunity for an African adventure in Namibia by the horns. With some amazing camping spots, world-class lodges and scenery that is out of this... (read more)

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Namibia Version)

01 Feb 2015
This was posted back in February 2014, but has since managed to get just short of 65 000 views. If you love Namibia, you'll love this... (read more)

Free Secondary Schooling for all Namibians in 2016

20 Nov 2014
Bad news for matriculants of 2015. You are leaving just as tuition fees for Secondary Schools become government sponsored. That's a seriously big step for... (read more)

Rhino Dehorned in Namibia

18 Nov 2014
It's a sad day indeed when we have to go as far as removing the horns from these poor creatures in a bid to save their lives. However, it seems Namibian Environmental... (read more)

Namibians Warming up to Online Shopping

12 Nov 2014
Shopping online can be one of the most convenient experiences you ever have. It has taken some time, but it is finally catching on in Namibia. A couple of years ago, the... (read more)

5 of Namibia's Biggest Moments

02 Sep 2014
Anyone who lives in Namibia will know that despite it's small size, Namibia has a lot going on. Sometimes there are really big, happy moments. Other times there are... (read more)

Interview with a Namibian Rockstar

23 Aug 2014
The "rock music scene" in Namibia has grown significantly over the years and even more so with the establishment of events that specifically focus on... (read more)

10 Awesome Namibian Photos you may not have seen before

23 Aug 2014
Namibia has a ton of talent when it comes to photography. Here's 10 of the best that you may not have seen before. Enjoy! 10. Namibian Sunset Photographer: Johan Jooste... (read more)

Brumhilda Ochs from Okahandja crowned as Miss Namibia 2014

04 Aug 2014
Congratulations to the new Miss Namibia, Brumhilda Ochs, as well as the 1st princess, Bernedine Kubersky, and the 2nd princess, Anienke Karsten. One of our guest... (read more)

The Right Way to Explore Namibia By Road

31 Jul 2014
Namibia has some of the most beautiful desert landscapes in the world. Whether you are an experienced traveler or a local interested to explore Namibia for the first time, you... (read more)